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This is where you can always find technical information, Manuals and Books about various Chrysler 300 vehicles. Please check back often.

300 Resources at jholst.net
Source for Service Manuals, Parts Manuals, Paint Codes, Torque References,
Lamping, Circuit Breaker and Fuse Usage, and a wealth of other information.

1950-1965 Part Interchange Manual

Chrysler 300 Owner's Supplements

Chrysler-Plymouth Service Bulletins

1960 Chrysler-Imperial rossroy Pocket Guide

Guide to tail light codes (leaves this website)

Forward Look Mail Archives
Search Site For All Chrysler 300 Related Questions

Torque Or Tightening Reference (leaves this website)

Brute Force Technical Article Index

Int/Ext Lamps used 1955-1965 and 1970 300 Letter Cars

Fuses type and location 1955-1965 and 1970 Letter Cars

Circuit Breakers type and location 1955-1965 and 1970 300 Letter Cars

1964 Wheels, Tires and Hubcaps summary

1957-1979 Paint Chip Guides (leaves this website)

Air Cleaner Guide (leaves this website)

300F Front brake Conversion (pdf)

300F Rear brake Conversion (pdf)

Torsion Bar Information 1957-1959 (pdf)

Headlight Upgrade

Air Filter Chart

Repairing 1960-1964 Power Window Motors

Repairing Power Window Switches

'57 - '58 Exhaust Hangers

Fuel Pumps - 55-65 Chrysler 300

Power Steering Hose Replacement

New Engine Start - Jim Pepper (Studebaker Club)

Rear Axle Specs (Off Site)




* Bob Merritt Technical Videos *

1964 Gas Tank Removal

Headlight Switch Replacment

Heater Switch Vacuum Logic Era 1959-1965

Replacing Light Switch 1963 300 J

1959 - 1965 Vacuum Hose HVAC Control Routing

Fuel Tank Emptying

1962-1970 Chrysler Engine Paint Comparison

Chrysler Heater/AC Switch Repair

Flushing Brake System 1956 Chrysler

1956 Chrysler Radiator Flush

1965 Distributor Rebuild

1964 Chrysler Steering Wheel Grounding Strap Repair

1964 Chrysler Rear Drum Removal

1964 Chrysler Rear View Mirror Replacement

1964 Brake Drum Replacement

1955-1965 Ignition Switch Replacement

1962 300 H Chrysler Choke Pot Replacement

1963-1964 Short Ram Gasket Replacement

1960-1961 Long Ram Gasket Replacement

Drive Shaft Boot Replacement

1961-1968 Power Steering Bracket

G H J Wheel Cover

H J Wheel Cover Paint

1964 Door Latch Repair

1964 Console Removal

F G H Seat Back Springs

Chrysler Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement

Chrysler Alternator Tightening Tool

1964 Chrysler Turn Signal Replacement

1957 Safety Latch Repair

1961-1968 Power Steering Bracket Replacement

Repairing Motor Mounts

Tire Size Calculator

Chrysler 300 Specifications (PDF)- Noel Hastalis

Chrysler 300 Specifications (XLS)- Noel Hastalis

Chrysler Transmissions - George Riehl (Chrysler 300 Club News Letter)

Rebuilding Information on Mopar Rears

1964 Tilt Wheel Service Manual (Borg-Warner)

Federal Mogul PDF on AFB Carbs. (Parts and Service)

Carter 4 bbl. Discussion and Guidelines

Replacement Body Gasket Source

Replacement Seat Belts

Good Source of Early Mopar Parts - http://www.moparmall.com/

Manifold Welding

Starter Motors That Work - http://roadrunner-starters.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_6


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