Air Filters For Early 300s

By Merle Wolfer

The chart below starts with 1957 and runs through 1964 Chrysler 300 covering the letter series air filters. Some of the filter numbers are obsolete and may no longer be at your parts supplier. Some others may be superceded.

Hopefully this air filter chart will aid your search. You can take it to your local parts house, swap meet and keep it handy when you are on ebay.

This research was done using a major brand filter catalog from the 70s and utilizing it's extensive cross referencing in the back of the catalog. I have relied entirely on this catalog for accuracy so this research is as accurate as the source book that provided it.

Also you can see that the chart is not complete. If you find errors or have additions please send them to the 300 Club editor and we will update the chart as needed. It would be great to eventually have numbers in all of the spaces.

  300C 300D 300E

300F, 375HP

300F, 400HP 300G 300H 300J 300K, 360H 300K, 390H
AC A48C A84C A84C A132C A49C A132C A84C A132C A83C A132C
ACE       AF132 AF4 AF132   AF132 AF14 AF132
Air Refiner   ARP15 ARP15   ARP4   ARP15      
Atlas A2     A21 A4 A21   A21   A21
Baldwin PA613     PA658 PA615 PA658   PA658 PA607 PA658
Fram CA161PL CA163PL CA163PL CA189 CA160PL CA189 CA163PL CA189 CA162PL CA189
Hastings AF2 AF20 AF20 AF144 AF4 AF144 AF20 AF144 AF9 AF144
Lee   AFL15 AFL15 AFL132 AFL4 AFL132 AFL15 AFL132 AFL14 AFL132
Mopar L141     L172 L141 L172   L172 L150 L172
NAPA 2030     2083 2020 2083   2083 2041 2083
Quaker State       QSA189 QSA160 QSA189   QSA189   QSA189
Pennzoil       PZA4 PZA7 PZA4   PZA4   PZA4
Purolator AFP2 AFP15 AFP15 AFP5 AFP4 AFP59 AFP15 AFP59 AFP14 AFP59
Wix 42030 42042 42042 42021 42020 42021 42042 42021 42041 42021


All it takes to service Chrysler Corporation's new micronic air cleaner is a gentle tap against the heel of a shoe. The unit is capable of filtering dirt and dust particles out of the air as small as four-millionths of an inch. The new Chrysler and Imperials cars. (see photo)

From 1957 press release.