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The Chrysler 300 Club Inc. Does not endorse any of the following sites. They are available as a possible source of information for help in the Restoration, Education or Maintenance of your 300 Automobile.

WPC Walter P Chrysler Club, INC

Chrysler Heritage Museum

Chrysler 300 Club International

Chrysler 300 Site

Chrysler Cordoba Club USA Includes 1979 300s

Imperial Owners Association of Northern California

Online Imperial Club

Vintage Sales Brochures

The Old Car Manuals Project Pages

Chrysler 300 & Imperial Page




http://www.herbsparts.com/ (Vintage Car Parts)

http://www.vintageglass.com/ (Glass That fits)

http://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/chrysler/ (Touch Up Paint)

http://www.classiccarwiring.com (Wiring Diagrams in color and laminated)

Plug Wire Shield Kits "hoffmanswinnerscircle"

Arm Rests and Dash Pads - http://www.abcmoparts.com/

Engine Area Correct Decals A/C, Coolant, Air Cleaner, and Battery

Exhaust Systems

Accurate Exhaust Systems

Seat Belts

Wesco Performance


Master List Of Seat Belt Applications (Virginia DOT)


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