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The Chrysler 300 was a milestone car in automotive history and the legend lives on today, more than fifty years after it was first introduced in 1955. This story chronicles the cars and the people who had a vision to build a car company based on strong engineering innovations, the people who crafted the cars, and the people who restore them and drive them today.

The Chrysler 300 Club Inc was formed in Portland, Oregon in 1969, originally to recognize the Letter Series Chrysler 300s built from 1955 through 1965.

In 1981 the Non-Letter 300 series built from 1962 through 1971 and the 1979 Cordoba 300 were also included in the club.

The club was created for enthusiasts of Chrysler 300 automobiles. Ownership of a 300 is not required for membership.Members of the club enjoy camaraderie, share stories and information on the maintenance, restoration and acquisition of these beautiful, unique automobiles.

National Meets are held annually, usually in the summer.Club members are encouraged to participate in activities and meets whether or not their cars are restored.

Membership in the club includes a subscription to our quarterly magazine, Brute Force.

John Chesnutt '69-'71 consultant will be having open heart surgery at Providence Hospital on Monday morning 5:30 AM- Surgery 7:30 AM. Dr. Charles Douville is the Surgeon. We met with him today along with our son Jim. John will probably be in the hospital a week. I will probably stay at the Hospital with him over night. Arlys
Please be in prayer for our 300 brother.

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New feature: Listing of all known and observed 1955-1979 Chrysler 300s for sale or wanted. Free listings to members and non-members. E-mail your findings to the Webmaster.

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