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1962 Chrysler 300H 2-dr hardtopcoupe and Convertible, V-8

Nineteen sixty-two saw not only the continued production of the "Letter Series" with the 300H, in two door hardtop and convertible styles, but also the introduction of an entry level three hundred model produced in two door hard top, convertible and, new for '62, both four-door hard top and a four door sedan body styles. This marked the beginning of the end to the exclusive 300 "Letter Series" cars. Chrysler® introduced a new line of non-letter Sport 300s which used a weaker 383 cid V8 engine with a two-barrel carburetor as standard and shared their 122 inch wheel base with Chrysler's low-priced Newport line. The 300 H, was still offered but it too was based on the same smaller platform which held down production costs. The shorter wheelbase reduced weight by 300 pounds which actually increased performance. Curb weight fell to 4.050 lbs for the hardtop and 4,105 pounds for the convertible. Both 413 cid V8s were boosted by 5 bhp, to 380 bhp and 405 bhp respectively.

The lighter weight and higher horsepower resulted in the best power to weight ratio (10.6 lbs per horsepower) of any 300 Letter car. Its 0-60 time of 7.7 seconds matched the 1957 Hemi powered 300 C while its quarter-mile time of 16 seconds matched the Ram Tuned 300 F.

The 300 H offered an interior with four bucket seats done in tan leather (other colors of leather were available as special order). Although an outstanding performer, the 300 H lacked the exclusivity of previous 300 Letter cars. Its smaller size and similar body style to the cheaper Sport 300 as well as the availability of most 300 H features as optional equipment on the Sport 300 hurt sales.

To add insult to injury, its trademark tailfins were shaved off, the result of a management shake-up that wanted to move away from the design influences of stylist Virgil Exner, a big fan of fins. The base prices of the 300 H also hurt sales, with the hardtop coupe at a lofty $5,090 and the convertible a whopping $5,461. All these factors combined to make 1962 the worst selling year for the 300 Letter cars with only 435 coupes and a mere 135 convertibles sold.

300 SERIES - (V-8) - The Windsor name was dropped to make room for a Sport Series 300 line. Confusion resulted from this marketing move as buyers associated the 300 name with high-performance and high cost. The exterior appearance of the hardtop (two-door) and the convertible were identical to the letter series 300H save for hubcaps, tires and a tiny 'H' on the rear deck. A four-door hardtop had never before been offered in the letter-series 300 lineup. Even the grille, medallions and side trim were distinguishable at first glance from the higher priced, performance oriented 300H. The Sport Series 300 interiors were upgraded versions of the low-line Newport series.

300G SERIES - (8-CYL) - The 30OH was still considered a part of the high-performance market by those who appreciated brute horsepower in a luxury automobile. Its styling mirrored the minor styling changes found in the other 1961 Chryslers. The grille insert was 300 through and through and the lower rear quarter panel molding and red-white-blue medallion continued for the fifth continuous model year. Ram manifolding (long type) continued as standard fare. A few cars were built with three speed standard shift. Some cars were built with the short-ram, high-output engine.

300H SERIES I.D. NUMBERS: Serial Numbers and Engine Numbers were located in the same positions as on previous series. Serial Numbers began with 8423-100001 and up. The engine code began with S4 1, then the date, plus an HP code. The date was given in numerical form. 11-12 corresponded to the date of November 12. The engines no longer had a true serial identification number


V-8. Overhead valves. Cast iron block. Displacement: 413.3 cubic inches. Bore an@ stroke: 4.188 x 3.75 inches. Compression ratio: 10.1:1. Brake horsepower: 380 at 5200 R.P.M. Five main bearings. Solid valve lifters. Carburetor: Two Carter Type AFB four-barrels Models 3258S.

CHASSIS FEATURES: Wheelbase: (Newport, 300 Sport Series, 300H) 122 inches; (New Yorker) 126 inches. Overall length: (Newport, 300 Sport Series, 300H) 214.9 inches; (Newport station wagon) 216.4 inches; (New Yorker) 219.3 inches; (New Yorker station wagon) 220.4 inches. Tires: (Newport and Sport Series 300) 8.00 x 14; (Newport station wagon) 8.50 x 14; (New Yorker) 8.50 x 14; (New Yorker station wagon) 9.00 x 14; (300H) 7.60 x 15.

POWERTRAIN OPTIONS: Three-speed manual transmission was standard on Newport and Sport Series 300. Automatic transmission was standard with New Yorker and 300H. Automatic transmission ($227). V-8 413 cubic inch 340 horsepower four-barrel engine ($162). V-8 413 cubic inch 380 horsepower dual four-barrel engine ($486). V-8 413 cubic inch 405 horsepower ram-induction engine. Positive traction rear axle ($52). Available rear axle gear ratios: 2.93: 1; 3.23: 1.

CONVENIENCE OPTIONS: Power brakes ($48). Power steering ($108). Air conditioning ($5 1 0); same with groups 304 or 306 ($409). Dual DeLuxe air conditioning ($714). Power radio antenna ($26). Auto pilot ($86). Rear window defogger ($21). Vacuum door locks ($56). Custom Conditionaire heater ($102). Left outside remote control mirror ($18). Power door locks ($56). Front power seats ($102). Rear shelf radio speaker ($17). Golden Tone radio ($93). Golden Touch Tone radio ($129). Tinted windshield ($29). Tinted glass, all windows ($43). Shaded back light ($74). Newport full wheel covers ($19). Newport windshield washer ($14). Leather front bucket seats ($201). Vinyl trim in Newport ($121). Vinyl trim in New Yorker ($86). Vinyl trim in New Yorker four-door hardtop ($65). Variable speed windshield wipers ($6) . Tailgate assist handle ($17). Padded steering wheel in Newport ($16). Electric clock in Newport and Sport 300 ($19). Undercoating ($18).

At A Glance

Year Body/Style Number Model Number VIN cid bhp/rpm Torque Lifters Heads CR Induction Axle Ratio WB in. Wt lbs bhp/ci lbs/bhp Price Production
1962 842/2-Dr Ht Cpe - 4P SC2-M 8423 413 380-5200 450-2800 Hydr. Wedge 10.1:1 2-4 bbl 3.23:1 122 4050 .919 10.6 $5090 435
1962 845/2-Dr Conv Cpe-4P SC2-M 8423 413 380/5200 450-2800 Hydr. Wedge 10.1:1 2-4 bbl 3.23:1 122 4105 .919 10.6 $5461 123

Engine Compartment

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