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TEMECULA, CA. OCT. 16 - 20, 2011

A nice line up!

Classy parking lot!


1. Letter Car Class I
Best of Show: Ken Brody '55 C300

Ken's 1955 St. Regis

2. Letter Car Class I
Second Place: Frank Nicholson '56 300B

Image 2

3. Letter Car Class I
Third Place: Richard Barber '55 C300

4. Letter Car Class I
Honorable Mention: Diane Brody '55 C300

5. Letter Car Class I
Honorable Mention: Brad Brody '55 C300

6. Letter Car Class III
First Place: Cecil Moore '61 300G

7. Letter Car Class IV
First Place: John McMahon '64 300K

8. Letter Car Class IV
Second Place: Martin Lawson '63 300J

9. Letter Car Class IV
Third Place: George Ver Berkmoes '65 300L

10. Non-Letter Class
Best of Show: Chris Phillips '64 300 Conv.

11. Non-Letter Class
Second Place: John McAdams '62 300 Conv.

12. Non-Letter Class
Third Place: Kermit Eskelsen '67 300 Conv.

13. Mopar Class: Letter 300's
Best of Show: Moana Steinberg '06 300C

14. Mopar Class: Letter 300's
Second Place: Tony Bevacqua '05 300C

Tony's 2005 300C

15. Mopar Class: Letter 300's
Third Place: Maryann Toelle '12 300

Image 1,
16. Mopar Class: Dodge
First Place: Gary Goers '65 Dart GT

17. Gary Goers
Continued Service as Chief Judge

18. Hospitality Award
DCH Auto Group

19. Host Hotel
La Quinta Inn & Suites Temecula

20. Appreciation Award
Tracy Clarke

21. Appreciation Award
Daphne Lloyd

22. Jim Wildharber '58 300D

23. Chris Phillips '64 300 Conv.
Ladies Choice
24. Gary Goers '64 Dart GT
Long Distance**

Service awards presented at meet:
Bruce Schubert
Merle Wolfer
Richard Barber
Gary Goers
Margaret Jones
Moana Steinberg


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