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NOTE: Remember user name and password changed 01-15 (or so) -12 and are published on page 2 of each issue of BruteForce.

Membership Roster

This roster of current club members is for their private and personal use of those members only and is user name and password protected. Club members have been furnished the user names and passwords and may request a reminder of these access codes by contacting any club officer or consultant and properly identifying themselves.

Club members may not pass the access codes on to any non members. The access codes have changed efffective 01-15-12 and are published on page 2 of each issue of the Club's Brute force magazine.

Members have been offered the opportunity to delete some or all of their personal and/or car information and should contact the club's membership manager to update or delete information found on this online roster.

While this roster is periodically updated, said updating is not instantaneous. The date shown under the address in the individual member data is the expiration date of the member's membership in the club. The names of members whose memberships have expired will periodically be removed from the roster.

Members are encouraged to view their data and provide the membership manager with any updates. We are making an effort to update personal and car data and ask that members furnish the VINs, engine S/Ns, original and current body and top color(s), equipment on each of their 300s and include any special information and provenance on their cars.

This additional information will not be posted due to space considerations, but is available in the club database for special studies and research.

User name and password are case sensitive. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is off.


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