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Nashville, TN. Sep. 24 - 28, 2012

1. Marilyn at Lane Car Museum

2. Mike and his 1957 Saratoga

3. Fritz and his 300J

4. Ralph and his 300H

5. Meet Hosts: Billy and Linda Pigg

6. Moana Steinberg, club secretary, and Merle Wolfer, Brute Force editor

7. Robert's 1955 limo

8. Phil's 300B

9. Classy Rears!

10. Jerry's 300B

11. Merle enjoying the view!

12. Fritz's 300J

13. Don and his 1969

14. Dwight and his 1968

15. Maryann and Moana recording

16. Ralph's 300H

17. Fritz prize winning J

18. Norm's 300F

19. Chad's 300C

21. Ken's 1965 300


1. Letter Car Class I
Best of Show: Jerry Patton, 300B

2. Letter Car Class I
Second Place: Phil Irish, 300B

3. Letter Car Class II
First Place: George Glavis, 300D

4. Letter Car Class II
2nd Place: Bob Cornett, 300C

5. Letter Car Class II
3rd Place: Chad Caldwell, 300C

6. Letter Car Class III
First Place: Norm Losey, 300F

7. Letter Car Class III
2nd Place: Ralph Rhees, 300H

8. Letter Car Class IV
First Place: Fritz Crombie, 300J

9. Ladies Choice
George Glavis

10. Mopar Class
1st place: Mike McKenna

11. Mopar Class
2nd place: Robert Soule (r)

12. Hard Luck
Phil Irish

13. Long Distance
Linda and George Glavis, 300D


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