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1971 Chrysler 300 Sport Series

300 SERIES - (V-8) - The Chrysler 300 series used its own distinctive grille (with hidden headlights) and full width tail lamps. Color-coordinated vinyl side rub strips and unique hubcaps helped to distinguish the 300 from the other series. Only two body styles were offered this season as the 300 nameplate was in its last year.

300 SERIES I.D. NUMBERS: Serial Numbers and Engine Numbers were located in the usual positions. Serial Numbers began with the Body Style code. CS23TIC-100001 could be deciphered as a two-door hardtop (CS23) with the standard 440 engine (T) for 1971 (1), made in Detroit as the first car built sequentially. Engine Numbers were assigned in the same manner as the Newport series


300 SERIES ENGINEV-8. Cast iron block. Displacement: 440 cubic inches. Bore and stroke: 4.36 x 3.75 inches. Brake horsepower: 335. Compression ratio: 8.8:1. Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters. Carburetion: four-barrel.

Year Body/Style Number Body Type/Seating Model No. Price Wt Lbs Production
1971 CS23 2-Dr Ht Cpe - 6P GC-S $5126 4195 7256
1971 CS43 4-Dr Ht Sedan - 6P GC-S $5205 4270 6683