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1964 Chrysler 300K 2-dr hardtopcoupe and Convertible, V-8

Chrysler reacted to the slow sales of the 300 J with changes that would make the 1964 300 K the best selling 300 Letter car ever. The biggest news was the return of the convertible version after a one year hiatus and the introduction of a new base engine, a 413 cid V8 with 360 bhp. For an extra $375, a buyer could order the previous year's standard engine, a 413 V8 with 390 bhp. Leather trim was now a $93 option. These changes produced a large price drop, from $5,260 to $4,056 for the two-door coupe and a $4,522 for the convertible. Both prices were about $600 more than the lesser Sport 300 models which shared the same body and platform as the 300 K. Nevertheless, the price reduction resulted in record sales for the 300 J. A mid-year special in 1964 was the Silver 300. This was only available as a 2-door hardtop and featured special metallic silver paint, a vinyl canopy roof and included a custom bucket-seat interior with a reclining passenger seat. The Silver 300 could be ordered with four-speed manual transmission or torqueflite automatic. 300K SERIES - (V-8) - The convertible returned to the letter series 300 lineup after a one year hiatus. Styling paralleled the regular 300 series, although interiors were more luxuriously detailed. A between-the-seat console was standard and leather trim was optional. A ram-induction manifold setup was available as an option.

300K SERIES I.D. NUMBERS: Serial Numbers were located as on previous series. Serial Numbers began with 8443-100001 and up. Engine Numbers began with V41 and then the date code as before. I 1-1 2 referred to November 12 production date. The letters HP were also stamped on the non-ram 300K cars. Ram inducted cars used a slightly different system. The prefix was C300K then the complete date followed (i.e. 11-1263).

V-8. Overhead valves. Cast iron block. Displacement: 413.8 cubic inches. Bore and stroke: 4.188 x 3.75 inches. Compression ratio: 10. 1: 1. Brake horsepower 360 at 4800 R.P.M. Five main bearings. Solid valve lifters. Carburetor Carter Type AFB four-barrel Model 3614S.

CHASSIS FEATURES: Wheelbase (all series) 122 inches. Overall length: (Newport and VC2-M 300) 215.3 inches; (Newport station wagon) 219.4 inches; (300K and New Yorker) 215.5 inches; (New Yorker station wagon) 219.7 inches. Tires: (Newport, 300, 300K) 8.00 x 14; (New Yorker) 8.50 x 14.

POWERTRAIN OPTIONS: Three-speed manual floor mounted transmission was standard on Newport and nonletter 300. Automatic transmission was standard on New Yorker and 300K. Automatic transmission was optional on Newport and non-letter 300 ($227). Close-ratio four speed manual floor shift was optional ($227): V-8 413 cubic inch 360 horsepower four-barrel engine on non-letter 300 ($43). V-8 413 cubic inch 390 horsepower dual four-barrel ram-induction engine ($375). NOTE: The ram-induction engine was available in the 300K only. Positive traction rear axle ($52). Available rear axle gear ratios: 3.2 3: 1; 3.9 1: 1; 2.7 6: 1.

CONVENIENCE OPTIONS: Power steering in Newport and 300, standard in other ($108). Power brakes in Newport and 300, standard in other's ($48). Power windows, all models ($108). Six-Way power seat in Newport and New Yorker ($102). Power door locks in four-door styles ($56). Heater and defroster, all models ($102). Air conditioning, all models ($510). DeLuxe dual air conditioning, all except convertibles ($714). Golden Tone radio, all models ($93). AM/FM radio, all models ($157). Golden Touch Tuner radio, all models ($129). Center Console in all 300 models ($129). Leather trim in 300 and 300K ($94). Leather trim in New Yorker Salon ($72). Seat belts, all models ($7). Heavy-duty springs, shocks, swaybar and brakes ($36). Adjustable steering wheel, all models ($47). Undercoating, all models ($18). Tinted glass, all windows ($43).

At A Glance

Year Body/Style Number Model Number VIN cid bhp/rpm Torque Lifters Heads CR Induction Axle Ratio WB in. Wt lbs bhp/ci lbs/bhp Price Production
1964 842/2 dr HT cpe - 4P VC2-M300 8443 413 360/4800 470/3200 Hydr. Wedge 10.0:1 1-4 bbl 3.23:1 122 3965 .871 11.0 $4228 3022
1964 845/2 dr Conv Cpe - 4P VC2-M300 8443 413 360/4800 470/3200 Hydr. Wedge 10.0:1 1-4 bbl 3.23:1 122 3990 .871 11.0 $4694 625

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