The 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst

The Chrysler-Plymouth Division is pleased to announce a limited edition, special model Chrysler - the 300H. This car has been developed in conjunction with the Hurst Performance Corp. the H reference in the car's name is to Hurst) and is based on the concept of the original letter series Chrysler 300s of the late fifties. The 300H features a distinctive exterior appearance and an interior of saddle color leather bucket seats. Exterior distinctions include a specially designed fiberglass powerbulge hood with a functional air scoop and two depressed rotary hood latches. The deck and rear end caps have also been done in fiberglass to create fast-sweep character lines and an integrated wing-type rear spoiler. Exterior finish is available in one color scheme--spinnaker whie with satin tan color accents and special striping.