The 1958 Chrysler 300 D

Big fins and big horsepower numbers continued in 1958. The standard engine in the 300D was upgraded to the 392 Hemi V8 which featured 10.0:1 compression, new valve timing, heavier pistons, and a new camshaft resulting in 380 bhp. The very rare electronic fuel-injection option increased horsepower to 390. This $400 EFI system (the first use of a computer in a Chrysler product) proved trouble-prone and most of the 35 fuel-injected cars were recalled to install the standard dual carburetors. Exterior changes were minimal with a simpler eggcrate grille up front and odd, truncated taillights that no longer filled the space for them in the tail fins featured on the rear.

Feature Story on a special 1958 Chrysler 300 D - Originally found in Collector Automobiles June 2015: